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LED Flood wall wash Light for Parking Lot

Solar flood lights are the most widely used in the entire solar lighting industry.

Firstly, the installation is simple, not only can be directly fixed on the wall with screws, but also can be installed on light poles or cement poles. Secondly, the headlight angle can be adjusted, which is beneficial to expand the illumination range and area. Thirdly, the solar panel and the headlight are separated, the size of the solar panel can be customized according to the requirements, not limited by the size, the 5m long cable (the cable length can be customized), can be used indoors and outdoors, to meet the lighting needs of different places.

Most of the outdoor parking lots are not equipped with lighting equipment. Some use electricity LED high bay lights, flood lights, etc., but the wiring is more troublesome. Others choose solar flood lights, solar bulbs, solar flood lights, etc. It is beneficial to installation and subsequent maintenance, but we know that solar bulbs are generally installed on the ceiling, while the roofs of outdoor parking lots are generally relatively not high, so the bulb is obviously not a good choice. The split-type solar street light is generally installed in combination with the arm support(minimum 50cm), which affects the entry and exit of the vehicle. then how about the solar flood light? most shape of the headlights of the solar flood light are close to square or rectangle. The narrow beam of the parking lot is obviously not suitable, so here is our pen-shape shaped solar wall washer light is the best choice. Please see the real photos from our customers for the effect after installation, and thank you for your sharing.

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