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LED Street Light for Basketball Court in North America

As we all know, most basketball courts are outdoors and far away from living areas, which makes the lighting of outdoor courts not so convenient. In order to meet the higher lighting requirements of basketball courts, AC 110/220V is usually the first choice, but underground wiring is usually too cumbersome and costly, and later maintenance and troubleshooting are relatively complicated.

As green and clean energy, solar energy is not only easy to install, but also free from the wiring. It can meet lighting needs only by charging with light, and subsequent maintenance and troubleshooting are also simple and convenient.

The first batch of solar street lights purchased by one of our clients from North America is 50 sets, which are used for lighting the community basketball court. This batch of solar street lights adopts an MPPT 12V control system, SMD3030 high-efficiency lamp beads, and large-capacity built-in batteries. It has not only good lighting effects but also affordable prices, high-power and large-size solar panels, and high charging efficiency.

The light can be fully charged within 5 hours when the sunshine is strong and can maintain 3-5 days of cloudy and rainy days back up. Installation is very simple and only requires screws.

In addition, the lighting time can be adjusted according to customers' needs, which greatly facilitates the lighting needs of different places. The North American customer's professionalism in installation and solar energy solutions, as well as Hongwei Technology high-quality products, have helped the customer win a lot of government projects. We also hope that the customer's solar energy business will become better and better. In the future cooperation, Hongwei Technology will also surely provide professional services and high-quality products to more countries and customers.

Hongwei Technology is dedicated, professional, sincere and responsible for solar work. We can be your best solar business partner. Welcome to inquire and visit our company.

Finally, I'd like to thank the North American customers for their affirmation of our products and services, as well as for providing delicate beautiful installation product pictures and videos.