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Solar Flood Light for Advertisement box

We can see all kinds of billboards and advertising boxes everywhere in our daily lives.
Outdoor billboards are far away from residential areas. For better vision and advertising effects, their installation height is generally higher than street lights. The advertised rent is very expensive. If you add the lighting bill of advertising lighting, it will be a lot of expense.Solar lights have been used on billboards, but most people still have questions about the choice of lights and how to install them.
The first choice for the LED lights in the advertising box is the LED strip, which is not only conducive to the installation of lamps, but also easier to cut because the lighting is more smooth. But for the beauty, LED strips should be installed hidden, or need to be placed inside the light fixture. Most of the time it is used as an accessory for lamps, and the application of LED flexible strips in solar energy is usually less. When customers have a big project, they will choose to customize.

Is there a common solar flood light that can be well used in our advertising lights or light boxes? Our customer gave us a good demonstration. He chose solar floodlight for this project, and the light head is slim, which is perfect in a narrow advertising box. And the board is fixed on the top of the advertising box with screws, without blocking, with sufficient light and longer charging time. Under the solar intelligent light control system, automatic charging during the day, automatic lighting at night, saving the trouble of manual switch. (Lighting time can be adjusted)

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