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A rural main road project in Kenya

It is good news that our TOP 1 All-in-two solar street lights are well received and work well in Kenya, Africa. They installed it on 8 meters pole. The model number is HW-P01120.

This model is made of high heat dissipation die-cast aluminium housing material, durable, hardness, high brightness SMD3030 lamp bead, 12V boost system controller and with high waterproof IP65. We promise a guaranteed warranty for the entire fixture for 3 years, and we provide free maintenance service for quality problems in the meantime, which is pretty good for projects.

The road section is far away from the city and belongs to a remote area. It is difficult to supply electricity. If you want to pull the power grid, you will have to invest a huge amount of money, and the amount of investment will be huge. It is difficult to recover the investment funds. In addition, the quality of ordinary street lamps is generally general, often requires maintenance, and a large number of maintenance costs are also difficult for customers to bear.

This client is looking for solar street lamps manufacturers in all countries of the world, but they can't find a suitable product.

As for Hongwei Technology Solar, according to the actual needs of clients, through the online meetings, provided professional answers, recommended our this TOP 1 All in two solar street light.

This solar streetlight can last for about 5 cloudy and rainy days, and it is hot in Kenya, which can basically eliminate the shortage of power.

The use of aluminium as a streetlight housing, IP65 protection grades, etc., also reduces the cost of repairing streetlights.

Although solar street lamps are more expensive than traditional street lamps, considering the return on investment, the cost is reduced.

After a few months of selection, the client finally decided to choose Hongwei Technology Solar.

A local resident said: "It was extremely inconvenient to travel at night because there were no streetlights, and there were frequent traffic accidents. Now, with the streetlights, this road is so busy at night that it has accelerated economic development and changed our lives! ”

Hongwei Technology Solar, as a professional solar LED light manufacturer in China, had gathered all team members involved in different departments to discuss what and how to do to make sure stable material quality but also ensure to finish all components of solar lights much earlier. We received a testimonial from clients: "Hongwei Technology Solar is the best partner I work with for solar street lights."

For a long time, many traders in African market centres relied on tin lamps and mobile phone torches as the only sources of light when darkness fell while serving their customers.

Now, more and more markets and shopping centres, and schools are being installed with solar street lighting to beef security in the race for a 24-hour economy.

Solar lights are so popular, they can not only save electricity but also be installed and maintained easily. We are appreciated to bring brightness to all over the world. If you are interested in our solar lights, just feel free to contact us for the inquiry!