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500W Solar power station with Pure Sine Wave AC Outlets for Outdoor Camping RV Emergencies
Product Details
Product Advantage
  • Featuring 500 output watts, equipped with a powerful 540Wh backup battery, a blazing fast PD3.0 Type-C port, an Informative LED Display and much more. Supply power to electric devices of up to 500 watts and get all the power you need, when you need it most!
  • MAIN FEATURES: Our power station carries a whooping 540WH battery pack that will shoot through 2 AC ports using a pure sine wave inverter. In addition, it carries a blazing fast 60W PD3.0 Type-C port, 2USB ports capable of 3 Ampere each and 2 Regulated 12V DC ports. 1* regulated 12/10A cigarette lighter port.These mean our solar generator is capable of powering numerous electronic devices for hours including charging your car’s battery (cables not included).
  • PERFECT FOR EMERGENCEIS CAMPING, OUTDOORS ACTIVITIES: Powerful & portable, this unit is a must have for anyone undergoing power outages or natural disasters. With a size of 14*14*26CM - our portable solar generator will power up almost any electronic device you can take camping. CPAP machines, phones, tablets, lights, mini fridges, TV’s, projectors, lanterns and more – using a pure sine wave inverter – our backup-battery has got you covered.
  • SOLAR READY & EASY TO CHARGE: Never run out battery with our mini generator. With a built-in MPPT controller, our portable power supplier can either be charged through a wall outlet, through your car & truck lighter socket or through a solar panel. Full Pass-through charging is supported!
  • SAFE AND QUIET OPERATION: Our portable power generator is equipped with an advanced battery management system for a safe operation. It uses a smart fan that kicks in when temperatures are high and it includes over-voltage, over-current and over-heat protections.

Solar Portable Outdoor Power

500W Portable Power Station, 540Wh Battery Solar Generator with Pure Sine Wave AC Outlets, QC3.0 & USB-C PD 60W - Durable Generator for Outdoor Camping RV Emergencies(Solar Panel Not included)

---- 2021 Updated Solar Generator / Compact / Silent / Green / Secure

500W generator is a compact and powerful portable power station with 540Wh, It is a perfect power companion for your daily used electronic devices(Max.550W) like TV, mini fridge, LED light, drone, camera, laptop, router, projectors, smartphone,and 1*LED lighting is used for emergency lighting during power outage. Convenient 4 ways of recharging (AC charger, car charger, gas generator,solar panel, ) can get juice back easily.

Product details

Our new battery generator is a must have for every outdoor and camping lover or anyone experiencing power outages where they live.

Charge your electronic devices easily with our new multi-port back-up battery, capable of charging up to 9 devices at a time with a capacity of 560Wh and go completely off-grid using a solar panel.

Informative LED Display

Information is power. Easily keep track of your Powertation's status, including remaining battery capacity, input & output voltage, port status and estimated time left to fully recharge/discharge the battery.

Packed With Safety Features

We've got you covered - Smart fan, battery management system, over-voltage, over-current. Chill out and juice up!

Solar Portable Outdoor PowerSolar Portable Outdoor Power

Solar Portable Outdoor PowerSolar Portable Outdoor Power

Solar Portable Outdoor Power

Solar Ready

Enjoy maximum efficiency while using your solar panels. Our unit works with Maximum Point Tracking (MPPT). Simply connect your solar panel to the DC input and go off-grid.

Solar Portable Outdoor Power

Solar Portable Outdoor PowerSolar Portable Outdoor Power

Solar Portable Outdoor Power

  • Backup Power for Home&Office

  • Reliable backup battery power supply for office devices such as router, laptop and etc

  • Generators for home use to keep your home security system, light and phone charged without fear of power outage

  • 1x LED Light: 3 Levels (Low, Medium, High) , protecting the eyes, it also works well at night or in emergencies.

Solar Portable Outdoor Power

Solar Portable Outdoor Power

Solar Portable Outdoor Power

Solar Portable Outdoor Power


Fully charged every three month for best results and store it between -4℉~140℉.

When the 540Wh portable power station is operating under 2W power for over 12 hours, it will activate the economy mode, and shut down automatically, so you don't worry about if it was turned off.

When you don’t use it, or recharge it in night, please confirm that all the switch buttons are turned off, or the fan maybe running sometimes in 12hours, which will affect your sleep.

500W Solar Generator, Safety and Stable Power Supply

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

Q1: What devices can 500W/540WH generator can support?

A: It can support devices rating less than 500 Watt. If exceeding 500Watt, it will enter the protection mode automatically, you need to reset it. How to reset it if the generator locks up due to overload? It's easy to reset it, just need turn off the AC switch button, then turn it on again.

Q2: What is the DC plug size of this 500W generator?

A: The size of the DC input port is 5.5*2.1mm.

Q3: Can the 500W generator be charged while using?

A: Yes, this 500W generator supports pass-through charging.

Q4: How to know the working times for my device? Why does the duration of some devices deviate from the actual usage data?

A: Working time = 540Wh* 0.85 / operating wattage of your device. The duration of our equipment is based on laboratory data, and the duration of specific equipment usage may vary.

Q5: How long can be recharged by Solar Panel?

A: It depends on the input power of the solar panel and the strength of the sunlight.

For example,100W solar panels can quickly recharge the 540wh power station in about 5-6hrs.

Tip: solar panel is not included, you need to buy it separately.