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Other Factors to Keep in Mind when Buying a Light Pole


Besides the different materials available for light poles, there are also different shapes and installation types. For example, light poles can be either square or round. Square poles allow for more fixture mounting options, because of the flat surface, but many lighting fixtures now have different tenon adapters and accessories that make mounting lights easy on either square or round poles. Additionally, there are options for burial mounts, which require deep holes to be dug for installation, and anchor mounts, which are mounted directly to a concrete base. Choosing which mounting option is right for you depends mostly on your location. Some areas do not allow for deep holes to be dug, so an anchor mount is the only one that makes sense.

An engineer will also need to be consulted to determine the proper burial depth based on the type of pole (burial or anchored) along with other factors such as soil type, soil frost depth in colder climates among things. If you do not have a engineer working on your project, the next best option would be to contact your city or county engineer for guidance on pole depth. A light pole spec sheet will have some information on install, but depth and concrete base design can only be accurately determined by an engineer that knows the specifics for that location.

When selecting which type of pole to choose for your project, you will want to take into consideration a number of other factors as well. For example, you should consider what the experts call corrosion performance. Light poles move slightly with wind, and that movement can cause the protective paint on the outer layer of the light poles to fail sooner than expected. Metal coatings can be applied to improve the corrosion resistance on steel or aluminum poles, but that can also affect the fatigue life of the pole as well. Again, we highly recommend you consult with a lighting expert in order to determine which material and mounting option is best for you.